You Can Only Love Someone/Strachan




You Can Only Love Someone/Strachan  -Artwork by Binman and Murgatroid Art. 
(Jellyfish Photo by Benny McCormack. Strachan Photo -Yorkshire Evening Post.)

Released: June 1997 UK & Ireland
Formats: CD (Mur CD03)/ 7"Vinyl (Mur VINL03)
Track Listing CD:
1. You Can Only Love Someone So Much But You Can Hate Them All The Way To Hell* (2:30); 2. Strachan** (5:50); 
3. Line Dance Finals Massacre** (1:33); 
4. Liver** (3.30)
Track Listing Vinyl:
A. You Can Only Love Someone So Much But You Can Hate Them All The Way To Hell*(2:30); AA. Strachan**(5:50)
All tracks written by Niall Quinn.
Recording Details: Recorded at Xeric Studios, Limerick Spring/Summer 1996.
 The Hitchers: Andy - Vocals*, Guitar; Niall - Vocals**,Drums; Hoss - Bass; Eric - Guitar.
Additional Musicians: Robin Robbyns - Keys; Dave Early - Percussion; Marco Petrese - Trumpet, Flugelhorn;? - Strings 
Comments: "I did the vocals for 'Strachan' on  the 19th March 1996, my 23rd birthday, and I got me good'n'drunk before I was sent into the booth to do it. I think we were looking for a certain Shane McGowan-esque quality for the vocal. I dunno if we got it."


You Can Only Love Someone (Murgatroid) CD Single
You can only love someone so much, but you can hate them all the way to Hell" is the truism recited over the top of aggressive guitars to start, a middle-eight string break and more guitars to finish. Like that other great single-line song, "There is no love between us anymore" by Pop Will Eat Itself, the repetition only enhances the lyric. Lovely. (JP) 

(Above) Review of 'You Can Only Love Someone' from June 1997 issue of Kerrang!





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