Welcome to the home of The Hitchers -a band from Limerick, Ireland.
For a dozen years they travelled the highways and byways of Ireland, the UK and even got further a field a few times.
They played virtually anywhere that'd have them, made some records and drank their fill.
It's been said that they specialize in delivering high octane, high speed, lo-fi, low brow, 
amps up to eleven, kit smackin', two and a half minute portions of hum-along heaven. 
But that's an over simplification.

 I mean wasn't 'Red Mohair Jumper' one of their most popular tunes and that was a waltzy ballad!?! And yeah 'Killed It With My Bare Hands' and 'You Can Only Love Someone So Much But You Can Hate Them All The Way To Hell' might barely clock two minutes each but what about 'Strachan'? Wasn't that just short of six minutes or something? Then there was the lyrics. Surely if these lads hear the words 'wacky' or 'quirky' once more they'll scream. Why bother? Was it not Kirkegard or Wayne Cambell who said "When you label me -you negate me"? Well in all fairness most who bothered to review The Hitchers were nice as pie. But If a handful of low-vocab music critics want to treat what they don't understand, fear, or which plain doesn't fit on this months menu or with their agendas and idioms with derision or negation then fine. 
Let the baby have it's bottle. 

Like the Front of the drumkit says "Nobody Likes Us ...We Don't Care'.

Jan 6 .89 “10.6 Rothmans & a Stolen Barrel of Heineken Please” officially shorten their moniker to “The Hitchers” – a name derived from dodgy Ruetger Hauer ‘80’s road movie.

Jan 20 .89 first gig in Limerick Youth Service Center non-alco teen disco “The Oasis Club”

The Hitchers 1st photo shoot, April1989. L-R Hoss Carnage, Niall Quinn, 
Eoin O'Kelly, Mark Coleman. (Donagh Twoomey couldn't make the shoot)
(Photo Dave Bermingham)

Summer 89 following several line up changes and a local band slam win, -first studio recording emerges “The Streaking Chicken From Mercury Who Exposed Himself to Everything E.P.”

Spring 90 “Alice is Here” on “The Reindeer Age” compilation of Shannonside bands. The Hitchers win ‘Skool Band 90’ Band slam. First T.V. appearance on ‘Jo-Maxi’.

The Hitchers March 1990, Connolly Hall Cork
(Photo Unknown)

June 29 .90 Hastily re-arrange release gig for debut single ‘There’s a Bomb in that Basket of Fruit’ so as not to miss out on Republic of Irelands WC Quarter-Final clash with Italy.

Aug 90 video for ‘Alice is Here’ shown on Network 2s Puirini.

The Hitchers Sep 1990. 
(Back)L-R  Andy Gallagher, Benny McCormack, Niall Quinn, Hoss Carnage, 
(Front)Eoin O'Kelly

(Photo John Moriarty)

Oct 18 .90 release second single ‘Blame it on His Hormones’ Perform acoustic set on Network 2s Scratch Saturday

April 91 perform ‘Blame it on His Hormones’ and ‘Dirty Diane the Deceased Citroen’ on Network 2s Scaoil Amach an Bobailinn.

 Mar 5 .92 new three-piece line up with a new heavier, faster sound release third single 
‘Holy Spirit Level’. Poor local live scene means gigs are few and far between.

The Hitchers Dec 1992. 
L-R  Niall Quinn, Hoss Carnage, Andy Gallagher

(Photo Brendan O'Halloran)

Autumn 92 Niall wins inaugural Hot Press Songwriter of the Year award for ‘Red Mohair Jumper’. 

Summer ’93 invited to play 2FM Cork Rocks …Cassette Eps ‘Spermgargle’ and ‘New Improved Spermgargle’ sell like hot cakes. Win third band slam competition –in Mitchellstown. Irish Fashion commentator Pat O’Mahony has high praise for The Hitchers and their ‘Jack Charlton’ T-Shirts.

Spring 94‘…Red Mohair Jumper’ makes final of 2TV new band challenge

Autumn 94 The Hitchers become a four piece with the addition of Eric Fitzgerald on guitar. Release fourth single ‘She’ll Be Sorry’. Video shown on ‘No Disco’

Summer 95  The Hitchers play Frieburg Music Festival, Germany and support ‘A House’ on southern Irish tour.

Feb 96 sign to Murgatroid Independent Record Company and spend first half of 96 in Xeric studios recording debut L.P.

Jan 7.97‘Killed It With My Bare Hands’ is The Hitchers fifth single and their first for Murgatroid.

Mar 97 Debut L.P. ‘It’s All Fun & Games ‘Til Someone Loses An Eye’ is released in Ireland. The Hitchers perform on Kenny Live.

April 97  The Hitchers First U.K. dates coincide with the release of  ‘Killed It…’ in Britain. Positive reviews –notably in Kerrang! Video shown on MTVs Alternative Nation and on No Disco.

June 97 support The Divine Comedy in Belfast’s Mandela Hall. The Hitchers set later broadcast by BBC on Steve Lamacq show. Double A-side single ‘You Can Only Love Someone’/’Strachan’ released in Ireland & U.K. –Fantastic reviews in N.M.E./Melody Maker. Single of the fortnight in Hot Press.

The Hitchers June  1997  L-R  Hoss Carnage, Niall Quinn,  Andy Gallagher, Eric Fitzgerald (Photo Unknown)

July 97 Coventry City F.C. manager Gordon Strachan phones to wish the lads well on first major U.K. tour as ‘It’s All Fun & Games…’ is released in the U.K. The Hitchers kick off their tour with an appearance at the Phoenix Festival and while in London record prestigious ‘Peel Session’ at BBC Maida Vale.

Oct 97 ‘Big Mug’ is final single lifted from ‘…Fun & Games…’. Video shown on No Disco

 Spring 98 Monthly trips to U.K. for showcase and demo-ing second L.P. Spend St. Patrick’s weekend playing in Paris, France.

April 98 in Belfast on the day Good Friday Agreement is reached as nominees in best Irish single category of Heineken Hot Press awards. –‘A Life Less Ordinary’ by Ash wins.

August 98 record second L.P. in just eleven days at Xeric studios just before it closes for good.

Nov 98 ‘I Can’t Breath in Outer Space’ – the first single from the new L.P. is released in U.K. & Ireland. Bob Geldof describes The Hitchers as ‘…the best Irish band in the last twenty years…’.

May 99 The Hitchers second L.P. ‘For the Want of Some Better T.V.’ is released in U.K. & Ireland. However shortly after it’s release Murgatroid cease trading and release their artist roster, which also includes The Shanks, Figment and Siobhan McGowan from their contracts.

The Hitchers Spring 1999 
L-R  Eric Fitzgerald, Niall Quinn,  Andy Gallagher, Hoss Carnage, 
Photo Unknown)

Spring 2000 The Hitchers set up their own record label 4-3-3 and begin planning a U.K. tour and a new release for summer. Universal Pictures approach the band about using ‘You Can Only Love Someone…’ in a new Irish based movie ‘Rat’.

April 00 Bassist and founder member Hoss Carnage announces his retirement and plays his last Hitchers gig.

Hoss Carnage 1993

Sep 00 Frank Ryan-lead singer and guitarist with Limerick punk rock band Barberskum is unveiled as the Hitchers new Bassist and plays his first gig in Galway. ‘Rat’ is released in Ireland.

The Hitchers Sep 00 
L-R: Frank Ryan, Niall Quinn, Eric Fitz, Andy Gallagher 
(Photo Terry McColl) 

Dec 00 The Hitchers play the AMCs 1st birthday party in Dolan’s, Limerick. The gig is recorded for future release.

Feb 01 The Hitchers announce they are to split. Their 286th gig, in The Basement at The Globe on Thursday 15th, will be their last.

Dec 01 The Hitchers briefly reform to release their farewell CD EP ‘Liver’ with a gig at Dolans Warehouse, Limerick on Dec 30th.

The Hitchers performing 'Strachan' at Dolans, Limerick. Dec 30.01
 L-R: Eric Fitz, Niall Quinn, Andy Gallagher, Hoss Carnage
(Photo Brendan Quinn)

“The more you ask (Limerick) people about them, the more the word Legends shows up. Everyone seems to have a story about their favorite Hitchers moment, scariest Hitchers gig or nearest Hitchers miss. For an awful lot of people The Cranberries were far from the biggest band to come out of Limerick… …at a time when people like The Strokes and The White Stripes are turning heads and filling pages, you wonder did The Hitchers call it a day a year too soon.” Limerick Event Guide - Dec 2001

Spring  02 Liver Video receives repeat plays on Irish TVs PopTV (TG4) and No Disco (Network 2).

Dec 02 The Hitchers are back at Dolans Warehouse, Lime
rick on Dec 29th.

Jan 03 'A Well Earned Break For The Firing Squads -The Hitchers 1989-2001' is released
Tracklisting:Which Leg of a Chicken is MoreTender?/ All This Everything/ Alice is Here/
There’s a Bomb in that Basket of Fruit/ Blame it on His Hormones/ Dirty Diane the Deceased Citroen/
The Inadequate Continuity Announcer/ Holy Spirit Level/ Longines/ Red Mohair Jumper/ She’ll Be Sorry/
Emily The Pig/ Killed It With My Bare Hands/ You Can Only Love Someone So Much…/ Strachan/
Big Mug/ I Can’t Breath/Liver/ Wannabee*/ The Urge To Kill*/ Something Good*/
Line Dance Finals Massacre*(Drunk C & W Version)
(*previously unreleased)

Dec 03 The Hitchers by now annual Christmas party takes place at The High Stool, Limerick on Dec 27th.

Dec 04 The Hitchers are back at Dolans Warehouse, Limerick on Dec 26th.

Dec 05 The Hitchers are back at Dolans Warehouse, Limerick on Dec 30th.

July 06 Irelands RTE 2FM replay The Hitchers 1997 Dave Fanning Session in their Classic Session series hosted by Dan Hegarty.

Dec 06 The Hitchers are back at Dolans Warehouse on December 27th.

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